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Fuck you very much Utne Reader

Yeah. What she said.

The Male Privilege Checklist

Check it out. Thanks to Francois Tremblay.

Dysphoric – “fleeing womanhood like a house on fire” – a four-part documentary series by Vaishnavi Sundar


Inferior, Angela Saini

Just a few quotes and notes – “… the perennial problem of childcare, which lifts women out of their jobs at precisely the moment that their male colleagues are putting in more hours and being promoted” (p6)—yeah, to avoid childcare “It was also thought that merely having women around might disrupt the serious intellectual work …

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Why don’t men sell sex?

Check this out:

from Dale Spender’s Nattering on the Net  — quotes and notes

According to 19th C feminist scholar Matilda Joslyn Gage, 9 million women were executed or burned for having knowledge—i.e., for being witches (p163) Wow.  Did not know it was that many.   “Had women ever  contributed to the design of roads and vehicles, there is no doubt that the entire system would look very different.  …

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Too stupid to live

Forest fires and heat waves all over the planet, so we need all the trees we have to absorb the CO2 that’s causing the forementioned forest fires and heat waves, and this guy cut down godknows how many trees then set fire to them in order to provide meat for those who still eat it …

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John Mulaney on Drag Queens

Some excellent lines, for example: “What is your notion of a woman based on?” “[re mean and rude drag queens] You could’ve stayed a guy if you were going to be an asshole about it.”   <

When you support trans rights …

Check L. Harris out: The Real Meaning of “trans-rights”

Misogyny: a clear case of projection

Misogyny is a simple and clear case of psychological projection, a defence mechanism whereby one denies the existence of a quality in oneself and instead attributes it to the other—’it’s not me, it’s you’.  Men hate that they want us, that their thought, their behavior, is so overwhelmingly and relentlessly occupied with wanting us.  Instead …

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