Peg Tittle has an M.A. in Philosophy, a B.Ed., and a B.A. in Literature and Philosophy (with a minor in Psychology); she is also a graduate of the Summer Institute of Film and Television.

Her published fiction includes Fighting Words: notes for a future we won’t have, Jess, Gender Fraud: a fiction (SF Category Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award), Impact, It Wasn’t Enough (SF Category Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award), Exile, and What Happened to Tom (on Goodreads’ ‘Fiction Books that Opened your Eyes to a Social or Political Issue’ list).

Her nonfiction books have been published by Routledge, Prometheus, Broadview, Longman, and Magenta, and her essays have been published in Academic Exchange Quarterly, Humanist in Canada, The International Journal of Applied Philosophy, New Humanist, The New Zealand Rationalist and Humanist, Philosophy in the Contemporary World, Philosophy Now, Sexuality & Culture: an interdisciplinary journal, and The Teaching Professor.

She was a regular columnist for the Ethics and Emerging Technologies website for a year (her “TransGendered Courage” received 35,000 hits, making it #3 of the year, and her “Ethics without Philosophers” received 34,000 hits, making it #5 of the year), The Philosophers’ Magazine, Philosophy Now, Humanist in Canada, Links, and Academic Exchange Quarterly; her short critical pieces have also appeared in Elenchus, Forum, The Humanist, Indirections, Inroads, Nipissing Review, North Bay Nugget, Socrates Magazine, and South Australian Humanist Post.  She now blogs sporadically at pegtittle.com and hellyeahimafeminist.com.

Her book reviews have been published in Canadian Woman Studies, Herizons, The Humanist, Humanist in Canada, and The Philosophers’ Magazine.

And she’s had a list published at McSweeney’s (“Why Feminist Manuscripts Aren’t Getting Published Today”).

She has written several screenplays, four of which have placed in competitions (Moondance, Fade-In, GimmeCredit, WriteMovies, Scriptapalooza, and American Gem), and one of which (“Aiding the Enemy”) has been produced by Sustainment TV.

She has taught philosophy (critical thinking and applied ethics) at the university, college, and high school levels; she has also taught innovation/creativity and communication courses.  She was a member of the editorial committee of Humanist in Canada, co-editor of gnosis: a journal of philosophic interest, and editor of undisciplined (an interdisciplinary journal).  She also served on the ethics committee of the North Bay General Hospital for five years and has held positions at a mental health residential program, a detention center, a women’s shelter, and a small newspaper.