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Freedom’s just another word for

Freedom’s just another word for ‘I can do whatever I want.’ Mature people realize that freedoms should be limited.  (Because otherwise assault would always be okay.) Now.  Let’s talk about reasonable and unreasonable limitations.

The Rules of Misogyny

Check it out here. (#2 is inspired by incels and #3, #4, #6, #8, and #17 are inspired by transgenders, for those who remain oblivious of what’s going on in those fringe-to-mainstream movements; the rest are and have been forever the case…)

“Rape: leave it to men to …”

“Rape: leave it to men to turn the creation of life into a degradation.” from Jess (forthcoming), Peg Tittle

excerpts from MacKinnon’s Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws

I’ve just finished reading yet another MacKinnon book, Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws, and as usual, it’s absolutely brilliant. The book is well worth a complete read; I paste below some perfect gems. (My used copy is marked DISCARD by the Porter County Library system. In itself, telling. Sigh.) Reading this now.  It’s heavy-going, but well …

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New – my list at Shepherd

Check it out – The best books to make you think about gender (and sex)

Bragging about being beaten

A while ago, I saw a post by a woman bragging about her bruises … (should’ve saved the link, but I was just so … appalled …) In 1976, Women Against Violence Against women (WAVAW) protested and got the Stones’ billboard taken down (it showed a woman bound and bruised saying ‘I’m ‘”Black and Blue” …

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Killing What You Enjoy

So I saw an ad on the website of the far-too-nearby gun club for a book by one of its members (“The Gun Guy”) that “takes the reader through the joyful and humorous stories about life at the hunt camp, hunting culture, and the joys of nature and wildlife.” I wrote him a short letter: …

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On Volunteering

Ever notice that women, far more often than men, are expected to volunteer their time and their effort?  On the one hand, the implication is that women’s work has no value.  On the other hand, since they’re expected to do whatever it is, the implication is that it has considerable value (it needs to be …

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Women are presumed incompetent. (We know this.)

“As a man, you’re assumed to be competent unless proven otherwise,” she says. “Whereas as a woman you’re presumed to be incompetent unless proven otherwise.”  She gained authority and professional respect overnight. (Now if only we could hear from transwomen.  Hear them ADMIT that they LOST authority and respect overnight.)  (That they had no idea …

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Men interrupt Women. Even when they’re Supreme Court Justices. See the excerpts starting on p1408. The arrogance is just … mind-boggling.  And so … male.