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good bit from Graeber’s “Bullshit Jobs”

“If 1% of the population controls most of its disposable wealth, what we call ‘the market’ reflects what THEY think is useful or important, not anybody else.” “Bullshit Jobs,” David Graeber (p.xx)

She wanted it.

She was dressed like a slut = She wanted it She was dressed all prim and proper = She wanted it She was aggressive = She wanted it She was submissive = She wanted it She ran = She wanted it She didn’t run = She wanted it She was afraid = She wanted it …

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A woman was raped. A man raped a woman.

A woman was raped.  A man raped a woman. He got her pregnant.  She made him a father. Submit your additions via comment.

“The Fragile Male” – interesting reading


I’m ashamed to be male.

I am ashamed to be male. We turn everything into a weapon. We are obsessed with competing, with being better than not our previous selves, but others. We enjoy hurting.  We tear the legs off flies, we put firecrackers into dogs’ mouths, we attach electrodes to people’s genitalia. We are unable to experience pleasure without …

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Why is it they can’t even SAY ‘rape’?

Why is it they can’t even SAY ‘rape’? Ya gotta wonder. And here’s an interesting answer:

Fuck you very much Utne Reader

Yeah. What she said.

The Male Privilege Checklist

Check it out. Thanks to Francois Tremblay.

Dysphoric – “fleeing womanhood like a house on fire” – a four-part documentary series by Vaishnavi Sundar


Inferior, Angela Saini

Just a few quotes and notes – “… the perennial problem of childcare, which lifts women out of their jobs at precisely the moment that their male colleagues are putting in more hours and being promoted” (p6)—yeah, to avoid childcare “It was also thought that merely having women around might disrupt the serious intellectual work …

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