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A sexy pout??

So I read the phrase “a sexy pout” and realized yes! That’s what that look is, when women thrust out their lips and look so sad. They’re pouting. And they do it to look sexy. Wait, what? Why is a pout sexy?  Children pout.  So if a pout is sexy, that means that men are …

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Men Who Hate Men: the extremism nobody is talking about, Laura Bates

I highly recommend this book! (Laura Bates is the person behind “Everyday Sexism” for those of you who don’t know …) A few quotes and notes … About all the pick-up artist sites (p79) teaching men what to say and do, how to trick a woman into having sex with him – They must not …

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God and Abortion    

A Jury of One’s Peers?

Leafblowers bad for the environment. Duh.

“According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (1997), as people across the United States re-fuel their leaf blowers and lawnmowers, they slop approximately 17 million gallons of gasoline onto the ground each summer, gas that seeps into the water we drink and evaporates into the air we breathe. To put that number in perspective, the …

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Great scene from Shriver’s novel … disciplinary charges for threatening behavior…

An excerpt from Lionel Shriver’s The Motion of the Body through Space The whole tribunal, wherein an older white man is “hauled up on disciplinary charges for threatening behavior and racially and sexually aggravated assault”), indeed the whole chapter, is WELL WORTH the read. *** REMINGTON: Just because she felt threatened doesn’t mean she was …

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re women-only spaces

How to be Successful without Hurting Men’s Feelings, Sarah Cooper

A light fun read with a few great punches: – re the perfect voice pitch for women … too high and you’re shrill, too low and you’re gruff, just right “not yet achieved by any woman” – chap 2 – lots of ‘When a man says X, it’s Y, but when a woman says X, …

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When someone tells you transwomen aren’t really a problem…

A post by Namename over on Feminist Current: We have already seen men demand access to female prisons and be given it (several countries), and on at least one occasion that has led to female prisoners being assaulted. We have seen men insist on access to female rape shelters on several occasions (several countries), and …

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excerpt from Pornography and Civil Rights, MacKinnon/Dworkin

Pornography [also] engenders sex discrimination. By making a public spectacle and a public celebration of the worthlessness of women, by valuing women as sluts, by defining women according to our availability for sexual use, pornography makes all women’s social worthlessness into a public standard. Do you think such a being is likely to become Chairman …

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