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Social Experiment: 10 boys unsupervised; 10 girls unsupervised

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40 Useful Concepts – from Twitter via Dead Wild Roses In 40 tweets I will explain 40 useful concepts you should know. 1. Ostrich Effect: We often try to avoid info that we fear will cause us stress. Thus bills and work emails remain unopened, bank balances remain unchecked. This is counterproductive because ignoring a problem doesn’t eliminate the problem or your anxiety; it …

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Why won’t misogyny die?

Because believing you’re better simply because you’re male is, like believing you’re better simply because your skin is white, the only way to high(er) status that doesn’t depend on actually doing something.

Toddler vs Male CEO

Great list by Justine Cotter at McSweeney’s: “Are You a Parent of a Toddler or an Assistant to a Male CEO of a Tech Startup?”

Grocery Store Check-outs Now Gambling Casinos and …

For anyone who’s had to wait, and wait, to pay for their groceries while somoene ahead of them indugles in their gamlibling addiction, and for anyone who’s tried to use the self-serve check-outs instead, check out the scene in chap 30 of Tim Dorsey’s Tiger Shrimp.

Misconduct of the Heart, Cordelia Strube – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

(No, it’s not a love story/romance.) It’s a must-read for “knobs [who] lose their shit over phones dying” (p5). (And anyone who even thinks of joining the military.

Out with the literary canon?

I used to think that ‘Out with the literary canon altogether’ was going too far, but now …  Name one work conventionally considered part of the traditional literary canon that does not subordinate women—their existence, their presence, their importance, what they say, what they do … And so by continuing to grant the work such …

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“Straight White Male: the lowest difficulty setting” – a brilliant metaphor by John Scalzi

Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is If I’d read this before I wrote Jess, I certainly would have mentioned Scalzi’s metaphor and given huge applause and thanks to him for it! (Actually, I might not have written Jess, because Scalzi’s metaphor achieves the same purpose with such … economy.) The piece is …

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A woman in Milgram’s experiment

So I’m reading Humanity: a hopeful history by Rutger Bregman, and he says the guy hired by Milgram to pressure the participants to shock the ‘learner’ actually “came to blows with one forty-six-year-old woman who turned the shock machine off” (p.165). YAY US! (Funny how this is never mentioned in Psych 101 textbooks that report …

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“25 Ways I Was Granted White Male Privilege After I Transitioned…”

We really need BOOKS about these experiences. Norah Vincent’s Self-Made Man and Kristen Schilt’s Just One of the Guys … MORE please!!