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WLRN podcast: A Feminist Analysis of Christianity  

December, Like It’s 1989

December, Like It’s 1989 Tell it.  Geneviève Bergeron, civil engineering  Hélène Colgan, mechanical engineering  Nathalie Croteau, mechanical engineering  Barbara Daigneault, mechanical engineering  Anne-Marie Edward, chemical engineering  Maud Haviernick, materials engineering  Maryse Laganière, finance department  Maryse Leclair, materials engineering  Anne-Marie Lemay, mechanical engineering  Sonia Pelletier, mechanical engineering  Michèle Richard, materials engineering  Annie St-Arneault, mechanical engineering  Annie Turcotte, materials engineering  Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz, nursing. “Hey, come on.  Not all men are like that, …

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Male privilege

Excerpts from “After returning to teaching, I started to receive very little, if any, pushback when I said no. This was especially the case with students. Within academia, it is not an uncommon belief that students make more requests (for grade changes, deadline extensions, and so on) of female-presenting professors. In my case, requests …

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Three Rules, Phyllis Chesler

Three Rules: The measure of your success is the resistance you encounter. Embrace it. You can’t be a bystander without being complicit. We don’t need a room of our own. We need a very large continent of our own. Read the whole piece at  

The Privilege of Men, Judith Mazzucco

The Privilege of Men by Judith Mazzucco starts as an unremarkable novel about the meat industry, but then WHAM! the metaphor in chapter 16—  At least I think, I hope, it’s a metaphor and not something that’s actually happening somewhere right now.  Though—and I’m not sure whether this is Mazzucco’s point or whether she’s ‘just’ …

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Apologies Women Need to Make (McSweeney’s List)

Brilliantly done!

Why more men than women will die of the COVID virus

(I posted this way back in April of 2020 at, but thought it worth transferring to this blog) (as I’m doing for so many other posts) (hence the recent proliferation of overtly feminist posts)   Why more men than women will die of the COVID virus: 1.  Cleanliness is a girl thing.  Real men …

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The hardest part about being a woman…

Reposted from ovarit (if you’re not aware of, you should be!)

The End of Men – Christina Sweeney-Baird

Just read The End of Men, Christina Sweeney-Baird – well worth the read, one of several notable bits: [She pretends to be infected] “I have never felt so powerful.  This must be what men used to feel like.  My mere physical presence is enough to terrify someone into running.  No wonder they used to get …

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Meghan Murphy’s “The Unbearable Coolness of Porn”

A simple but stunning observation: “… paying for sex is coercive – we all know that when people want to have sex with one another, they do it for free. No one needs to be paid unless one party is not enthusiastic about the sex.” Read the whole thing here: