great line from David Brin’s Earth

“Honestly … I just couldn’t be interested in a man so egotistical he insists, in a world of ten billion people, that his genes are desperately needed.” (p120)

(and so much else … a novel worth reading, for sure.)


Porn for Women

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Jesus loves you … but

“Jesus loves you … but he’s the only one, you sanctimonious shit.”
from Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney’s Book of Lists


“If you can’t trust me with a choice …”

“If you can’t trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?”

brilliant bumper sticker from The Onion



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Another Tim Dorsey novel …

Coconut Cowboy – as always, several good bits …

about a meeting of an anarchist group (p205-6):
“What would the official minutes look like? … ‘Meeting not called to order …’ ‘Minutes from previous meeting shredded …’ ‘Agenda rejected’ …’ ‘All officers impeached’ ‘Group disbanded’ …”

about obsessive compulsive disorder (p206):
“I prefer the term ‘focus-intensity gifted’


Great stuff from Stoltenberg

…[T] male-dominated gay liberation movement never really grasped how homophobia is rooted in the woman hating that is a fixture of male supremacy.  Quite simply, the male homosexual is stigmatized because he is perceived to participate in the degraded status of the female … … The system of male supremacy requires gender polarity—with real men as different from real women as they can be … … The threat of homophobic insult or attack not only keeps men aimed at women as their appropriate sexual prey; it also keeps men ‘real men’. … The political reality of the gender hierarchy in male supremacy requires that we make it resonate through our nerves, flesh, and vascular system just as often as we can.  We are supposed to respond orgasmically to power and powerlessness, to violence and violatedness; our sexuality is supposed to be inhabited by a reverence for supremacy, for unjust power over and against other human life. We are not supposed to experience any other erotic possibility; we are not supposed to glimpse eroticized justice. … [Y]ou come to the point where you have to impose hierarchy on ever sex act you attempt—otherwise it doesn’t feel like sex. from “You Can’t Fight Homophobia and Protect the Pornographers at the Same Time—An Analysis of What Went Wrong in Hardwick,” John Stoltenberg. Share

Yeah. Women are afraid of thunder.


Among the things that don’t count …

[Bernadette Powell, a black woman from Ithaca, New York, is now serving a 15-year-to-life sentence … because in 1978 she shot and killed her ex-husband.] [T]he Tompkins county prosecutor … argued … that [she] had no reason to fear bodily harm from her ex-husband because although the man admittedly had committed many violent acts against her—there were hospital emergency room records and eye-witnesses to prove it—his motivation was ‘sexual’.  In other words, a woman’s broken bones and broken spirit don’t count if the man who broke them had sex on his mind.”  (emphasis mine) from “Family Matters,” Ann Jones Share

What if all news were written this way?

From the RadFem News Service the news, without the male-supremacist spin (LOVE that!) “Today, one Dr. Frank Ochberg, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Michigan State University and former Associate Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, reports for CNN that boys and men are responsible for almost all school shootings, consistently, around the world. …” Read the rest and more here: Share