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Shit that pisses me off

Challenging thoughts about everyday things: casual day at the office, calling people Ms. and Mr., parenting without a license, flying a national flag, women’s fiction, drugs and sports, profit and loss, marriage, the weather report, hockey brawls, jury duty…

Philosophy with attitude.

Because the unexamined life is dangerous.

Magenta 2011

Note to regular visitors and subscribers to “Bite-Sized Subversions” – Shit that Pisses Me Off is a collection of new and previously posted subversions.

Check out the interview at The Hot Author Report.


If you’d like an ebook version, it’s available in Kindle, Kobo, NookBook, and iBook, but you can download it as an epub or pdf right here! For free. (And here’s why.)

(If you’d prefer to read the pieces in paperback, you’ll need to purchase both Sexist Shit that Pisses Me Off [2e] and Just Think about It! [2e]—the pieces that address sexism are anthologized in the first-mentioned volume, the rest are in the second—and best to purchase paperbacks online where you can get a deal on the shipping.)


“When asked to review Peg Tittle’s eBook, Shit that Pisses Me Off, a collection of 25 previously published essays with attitude, I couldn’t say no. I had found a pissed off kindred spirit who writes radioactive prose with a hint of sardonic wit. Also, her name is cool.

“Peg sets her sights on a subject with laser sharp accuracy then hurls words like missiles in her collection of 25 cogent essays on the foibles and hypocrisies of life.

“In the first essay, ‘You Oughtta Need a License for that,’ Peg deconstructs the disingenuous argument on the sanctity of life…

“Whether you agree or disagree with Peg’s position on the issues, Shit that Pisses Me Off will stick to your brain long after you’ve ingested every word — no thought evacuations here. Her writing is adept and titillating – her name is Tittle after all – her razor sharp words will slice and dice the cerebral jugular.

“If you enjoy reading smart, witty essays that challenge the intellect, download a copy of Shit that Pisses Me Off for $2.99 at Amazon and get pissed off, too.”

Lauren Salkin


“This book had me laughing and nodding my head in complete and total agreement with a lot of things Peg Tittle wrote about. When you sit down and think about all the things in life that stump you or really get to you, you realize just how insane the world can be! There are so many things out there that often have us scratching our heads as to why people do the things they do and only a few of them are touched on in this delightful, and candidly honest book.

“I enjoyed it completely and I can’t wait to read her next installment which I have the good fortune of knowing is on its way! So I say to Peg, thank you for the chance to read this informative and honest view of life and what is so wrong with it! I urge others to read this book. There may be some things you don’t agree with, but I’ll bet you’ll find a lot that you do! If you like blatant honesty with some humor tossed in for fun then you’ll love “Shit That Pisses Me Off by Peg Tittle.

5/5 stars
Kitty Bullard


“I liked this book of 25 essays, though it did get my feminist panties in a twist at the sexism that is still rampant, if you stop to think about it. Peg raises provocative questions: should people need some kind of license to have children? Should the court system use professional jurors? Many of her essays address the imbalance of power between men and women; also some tackle business, sports, war and the weather. She even explains why you’re not likely to see Peg Tittle at Canada’s version of an Occupy Wall Street demonstration. It’s all thought-provoking, and whether or not you’ll end up agreeing with her conclusions, her essays make for fascinating reading.”

5/5 stars
Erin O’Riordan


“I’ve read and loved Peg Tittle’s essays before but I wondered… would I be as p***ed off by the same topics as her, with this new collection? AND I WAS! I find Peg Tittle to be a passionate, stylistically-engaging writer with a sharp eye for the hypocritical aspects of our society. Congrats.”

5/5 stars
George on Amazon


“Tittle’s pieces are atypical of philosophical writing in the best ways: of interest to non-specialists yet instructive, profound yet entertaining. Tittle has a pitch perfect sense of presenting difficult concepts understandably while avoiding condescension; she can challenge readers without overwhelming them and all the while respecting their intelligence.

“She also proves that good thinkers need not be wishy-washy and unable to offer solutions—a common and often warranted indictment of philosophers. In a culture in which public discourse too often reduces to hollering and sloganeering, Tittle’s work is a model of intellectual civility. She makes her views clear while demonstrating a voice of reason and integrity, not one of shrillness and volume.”

Ron Cooper, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy
College of Central Florida


“This was funny and almost painfully accurate, pointing out so many things that most of us try NOT to notice, or wish we didn’t. Well written and amusing, I enjoyed this book immensely.

5/5 stars
Melody Hewson


“Don’t let the whiney title fool you. This book is actually quite insightful and has good arguments.”

5/5 stars
Anonymous at


“Not very long, but a really good read. The author is intelligent, and points out some great inconsistencies in common thinking and action. She echoed many of my own thoughts about society, and may have been channeling some George Carlin in a few areas. Worth reading, and I may go out and find the other volumes I seem to recall seeing available.”

4/5 stars
Briana Blair


“Haha, I don’t even know where to begin. I thought this short read was thought-provoking, and at times, hilarious. I particularly loved the chapter “Bambi’s cousin is going to tear you apart.” Definitely worth a read! Especially since it’s free, and takes less than 2 hours.”

4/5 stars
Nichole, Goodreads