Short video scripts

The Price is Wrong (3-5min)

Remember the “The Price is Right”? Well…


Take Care of Your Mom While I’m Gone (3-5min)

She’s an adult.  She needs a ten-year-old to take care of her?


Size Matters (3-5min)

What if women were the taller sex?  Ask any short man.


If Then (5-10 min)

The end of our lives as we know them.  Can’t say we didn’t see it coming.


Are We Having Fun Yet? (30 sec)

Anti-violence-on-tv public television spot


Home for the Holidays (5-10 min)

A Christmas reality show


What is Wrong with this Picture? (5-10 min)

Nothing.  There’s no reason women can’t be the superordinates and men the subordinates.  But life’s not like that (yet).


The Mr. America Beauty Pageant (5-10 min)

A spoof of the Miss America Pageant


Minding Our Own Business (20 min)

A collection of skits (including “The Price is Not Quite Right,” “Singin’ in the (Acid) Rain,” “Adverse Reactions,” “The Band-Aid Solution,” and “See Jane. See Dick.”) with a not-so-subtle environmental message


Rot in Hell (short drama 5-7min)

A soapbox zealot and an atheist face off…