Exile (full-length drama) Finalist, WriteMovies; Quarterfinalist, Fade-In

LJ lives in a new U . S. of A., with a new Three Strikes Law: first crime, rehab; second crime, prison; third crime, you’re simply kicked out – permanently exiled to a designated remote area, to fend for yourself without the benefits of society.  At least he used to live in that new U. S. of A.  He’s just committed his third crime.


What Happened to Tom (full-length drama) Semifinalist, Moondance

This guy wakes up to find his body’s been hijacked and turned into a human kidney dialysis machine – for nine months.


Aiding the Enemy (short drama 15min)

When Private Ann Jones faces execution for “aiding the enemy,” she points to American weapons manufacturers who sell to whatever country is in the market.


Bang Bang (short drama 30min) Finalist, Gimme Credit; Quarterfinalist, American Gem

When a young boy playing “Cops and Robbers” jumps out at a man passing by, the man shoots him, thinking the boy’s toy gun is real.  Who’s to blame?


Foreseeable (short drama 30min)

An awful choice in a time of war. Whose choice was it really?


Boston Legal: Bang Bang (spec script)  Semifinalist, Scriptapalooza


My Life in Danger (short drama 3-5min)

When does attempted rape warrant self-defence of deadly force?


Crime of Passion (short drama 3-5min)

The perfect solution to crimes of “passion”


Night Moves (short drama 3min)

A one-night stand turns into something much, much more.

The Hook (Up) (short drama 3min)

An alternative to “Night Moves”

The Missing Link (short comedy 3-5min)

Two women and an alien enter a bar…