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Can’t decide which is more appalling …

While reading Laura Bates’ Men Who Hate Women, a scene from a movie based on a true story about a young woman who was captured by a man and kept imprisoned/enslaved by him for years popped into my head: at one point, she was allowed outside to help him wash his car or something and …

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Men Who Hate Men: the extremism nobody is talking about, Laura Bates

I highly recommend this book! (Laura Bates is the person behind “Everyday Sexism” for those of you who don’t know …) A few quotes and notes … About all the pick-up artist sites (p79) teaching men what to say and do, how to trick a woman into having sex with him – They must not …

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re women-only spaces

When someone tells you transwomen aren’t really a problem…

A post by Namename over on Feminist Current: We have already seen men demand access to female prisons and be given it (several countries), and on at least one occasion that has led to female prisoners being assaulted. We have seen men insist on access to female rape shelters on several occasions (several countries), and …

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Postscript to 13 Reasons Why

In case anyone’s still watching 13 Reasons Why (and see my lengthy post at … Tyler’s getting raped is presented as SO MUCH WORSE than either Jessica or Hannah getting raped. OF COURSE.

from Jeffreys’ The Spinster and her Enemies

“As Dale Spender points out in Women of Ideas, women’s theory has been routinely dismissed and written out of history whereas men’s ideas have been called philosophy or politics.1 In no instance is this clearer than in the case of the feminist philosophy of sex that we will be looking at here. The contempt with …

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“Girls shouldn’t read any books written by men” – check it out

Great Post at “Not Sorry Feminism”

Great post at “Not Sorry Feminism” re men cleared of rape because the woman was “too masculine” to be attractive.  

How to Make a Man Grow Up

I was recently surprised to discover that in the U.S., men are required by law to register for the “selective service system”. Only men.  I thought women were allowed in their military now. And required.  I didn’t think they had ‘the draft’ anymore. When I expressed my surprise, hoping to engage someone in conversation, the …

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Balls, by Jass Richards

Hilarious!  Check it out: