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Watched The Mad Whale yesterday. The description was something like ‘Lunatics at a women’s asylum put on a performance of Moby Dick‘. I was hoping to see an expose of historical treatment of women vis-a-vis madness and was not disappointed. But I was delighted, further, to see a couple other unexpected (shame on me!) exposes …

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Leigh Anne Jasheway – brilliant!

I’ve recently discovered the brilliant and hilarious work of Leigh Anne Jasheway. Her’s a great starting point: “20 Headlines from an Alternate Universe” But take a look through (ALL OF) her other posts!

John Varley’s Dark Lightning

It’s just space opera, but I love that the girls kick ass and the prettyboy hunk is pretty much useless.

“When people say ‘trans women are women’…”

To permit ignorance

“To permit ignorance is to empower it.”  Edmond Kirsch in Origins, Dan Brown

Just discovering Bill Bryson

“We wanted proper outback: a place where men were men and sheep were nervous.” “I don’t know why, but every Olympics these days has a mascot.  Moscow had a bear called Mischa. Nagaon had some cute snowflake creatures.  Atlanta, I believe, had a person being shot on a street corner.” both from In a Sunburned …

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Jane Clare Jones on Transactivism: brilliantly funny

reposted from Episode 1: The First War Begins. Scene 1: Cyberspace – probably around 2013 Trans activists: So hey, when we said we’d like you to treat us like women that wasn’t right, because actually, we ARE women and we demand that you treat us exactly like women because we are women and that you …

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aurora linnea on Ekman’s “On the Meaning of Sex”

An excellent review of an excellent book here. And because a link isn’t anywhere near sufficient … “On the Meaning of Sex reads like a forensic dissection, its forty concise chapters taking apart the corpus of transgender ideology piece by piece. No fallacy-wrapped riddle of a paradox is spared the nick of Ekman’s scalpel as …

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One way to deal with it (sexism) (in science this time)

“When I go to a venture-capital group of only men,” Nacy said, “I do most of the speaking, and my chief business officer and I watch faces. If they’re incredulous about something I’ve said, he’ll repeat the same thing—and then it’ll be just fine.” Read the whole article here.

Women’s Work, Kari Aguila

An interesting novel, worth the read! “Think about how different our world is going to be when this generation of boys grows up, having been allowed to grow into whole, good, decent men. Nobody is going to tell them that they have to go through life being some stupid caricature of masculinity anymore. They can …

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