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WLRN podcast: A Feminist Analysis of Christianity  

December, Like It’s 1989

December, Like It’s 1989 Tell it.  Geneviève Bergeron, civil engineering  Hélène Colgan, mechanical engineering  Nathalie Croteau, mechanical engineering  Barbara Daigneault, mechanical engineering  Anne-Marie Edward, chemical engineering  Maud Haviernick, materials engineering  Maryse Laganière, finance department  Maryse Leclair, materials engineering  Anne-Marie Lemay, mechanical engineering  Sonia Pelletier, mechanical engineering  Michèle Richard, materials engineering  Annie St-Arneault, mechanical engineering  Annie Turcotte, materials engineering  Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz, nursing. “Hey, come on.  Not all men are like that, …

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Why won’t misogyny die?

Because believing you’re better simply because you’re male is, like believing you’re better simply because your skin is white, the only way to high(er) status that doesn’t depend on actually doing something.

barely tongue-in-cheek bit from Grant Naylor

“The GAS (Genetic Alternative Sports) … Sports fans were no longer interested in seeing a conventional boxing match, when they could witness two genetically engineered pugilists — who were created with their brains in their shorts, and all their other major organs crammed into their legs and feet, leaving their heads solid blocks of unthinking …

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Toddler vs Male CEO

Great list by Justine Cotter at McSweeney’s: “Are You a Parent of a Toddler or an Assistant to a Male CEO of a Tech Startup?”

Grocery Store Check-outs Now Gambling Casinos and …

For anyone who’s had to wait, and wait, to pay for their groceries while somoene ahead of them indugles in their gamlibling addiction, and for anyone who’s tried to use the self-serve check-outs instead, check out the scene in chap 30 of Tim Dorsey’s Tiger Shrimp.

Male privilege

Excerpts from “After returning to teaching, I started to receive very little, if any, pushback when I said no. This was especially the case with students. Within academia, it is not an uncommon belief that students make more requests (for grade changes, deadline extensions, and so on) of female-presenting professors. In my case, requests …

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A great idea from Jodi Taylor

“Helen and I watched a short film about childbirth and it was so gruesome we had to turn it off. She had a stiff drink, I had a cup of tea, and we swore we’d never have sex again.” Jodi Taylor, The Long and Short of It (p181) But yes! That should be mandatory viewing—and …

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from Joel Bakan’s The New Corporation

“There are no limits in the [Paris] accord on continued exploration and drilling or on tar sands exploration (which experts say could alone defeat Paris targets), pipeline construction, or hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”).  The accord contains no legally binding emission targets, no timeline for emission reductions, no enforcement mechanisms, no concrete regulatory proposals, and no plans …

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Some great lines from Luke McKinney

Luke McKinney’s “The 8 Stupidest Defenses Against Accusations of Sexism” is worth the read, but a few lines stand out: “Of course, most of us don’t need special tactics to get laid. It turns out “not being an asshole” and “meeting other people” both work pretty well.” “Being a straight male is tremendous fun and …

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