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How many times?

Men are incredibly selfish and irresponsible. Every time they have sexual intercourse without a condom, they prove it. Because every time they have sex without a condom, they risk making someone else’s life a living hell for twenty years (that’s what it’s like to be a parent against one’s will). All for ten minutes of …

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On activism and social change

[an excerpt from The Road Trip Dialogues, written as Jass Richards]   So a couple hours later, they pulled into the main entrance of the university campus. There was no sign of the demonstration. There were no signs to the demonstration. “Gee, this is a really good way to get the media’s attention,” Rev said. “Don’t …

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Speaking Up

Women’s problem is that they never speak up. They never ask for what they want. Well, if you don’t tell people what you want, how do you expect to get it? Are they supposed to read your mind? You’ll spend your whole life waiting for someone to offer you, to invite you to, whatever it …

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Sticks and Stones

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” What an awful lie. It makes me wonder who started it. Someone for whom words have no meaning? Someone who, therefore, says whatever will achieve the desired effect, regardless of the truth of the matter? Someone who has few words? Someone for …

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The Last Man on Earth explains everything.

The Last Man on Earth explains everything.  But he’s too stupid, too infantile, and too self-centered, to know it.  Which is exactly why he explains everything.   1. He enjoys knocking things over, breaking things, destroying things. He rams his grocery cart into a pyramid of cans.  He rolls bowling balls into a row of …

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Women Writing Science Fiction as Men — why bother?

I’ve just finished reading Mike Resnick’s collections Women Writing Science Fiction as Men and Men Writing Science Fiction as Women.  There were two rules for submissions to the anthologies: “First, each story had to be told in the first person of a man [woman]; and second, if changing the narrator from Victor to Victoria [or …

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WE’RE overly emotional, irrational, and angry. Right.

“It’s funny to me, because of how often I’ve been called overly emotional, irrational, and angry for my feminist writings. But you know what’s interesting? I’ve never threatened to physically harm anyone. I’ve never sent a death threat, not once.”

“If my wife will let me.”

“If my wife will let me.” That’s what Richard Branson said when he was asked whether he’d go to Mars. “It may be a one-way trip…. So maybe I’ll wait till the last ten years of my life, and then maybe go, if my wife will let me” (Klein, This Changes Everything, p.288). Does he …

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You should do something about that.

Imagine a collage of male body parts (of living men, that is — just now their whole selves), each with one of the following captions: Your legs are too hairy. You should do something about that. Your hair’s too thin. You should do something about that. Your butt droops. You should do something about that. …

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Women’s Soccer Team Paid 4X less than Men’s Team DESPITE …

ESPN reports acknowledge that although the U. S. women’s soccer team generates almost $20 million more revenue than the men’s team, the women are paid almost four times less. Source here.