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Porn for Women

Check out her list of insightful observations:

Great stuff from Stoltenberg

…[T] male-dominated gay liberation movement never really grasped how homophobia is rooted in the woman hating that is a fixture of male supremacy.  Quite simply, the male homosexual is stigmatized because he is perceived to participate in the degraded status of the female … … The system of male supremacy requires gender polarity—with real men …

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How many men are addicted to porn?

How many men are addicted to porn?  We don’t know.  There are no visible symptoms.  No, that’s not true.  The visible symptoms are what we call normal behaviour.

excerpt from Pornography and Civil Rights, MacKinnon/Dworkin

Pornography [also] engenders sex discrimination. By making a public spectacle and a public celebration of the worthlessness of women, by valuing women as sluts, by defining women according to our availability for sexual use, pornography makes all women’s social worthlessness into a public standard. Do you think such a being is likely to become Chairman …

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