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Men Who Hate Men: the extremism nobody is talking about, Laura Bates

I highly recommend this book! (Laura Bates is the person behind “Everyday Sexism” for those of you who don’t know …) A few quotes and notes … About all the pick-up artist sites (p79) teaching men what to say and do, how to trick a woman into having sex with him – They must not …

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When men are raped

When men are raped, as they often are in prison, does anyone ask them are they sure they didn’t want it?  Does anyone come even close to suggesting they asked for it, they are to be blamed for it?  Is anyone quick to add ‘alleged’ to the report?

Crying Rape for Regret

Regarding the view that women ‘cry rape’ when they regret having had sex, let’s concede for a moment that that’s true. The concession begs the question: why do so many women regret having sex? Even if it turned out to be a mediocre experience—if the man wasn’t very good at it, due to lack of …

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Great Post at “Not Sorry Feminism”

Great post at “Not Sorry Feminism” re men cleared of rape because the woman was “too masculine” to be attractive.  

Making Fun of Rapists

Big words confuse them.  They think ‘No’ means ‘Yes’. They have no sense of direction.  They confuse running away with running toward.     They have a questionable understanding of basic biology.  They think they need sexual intercourse.  (Like, what, if they can’t stick their dick into some woman’s vagina, they’ll die?  Wouldn’t that be nice.) …

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“In an ideal world, men would not be sexual offenders.”

So I’m reading “Obviously, in an ideal world, men would not be sexual offenders … ” (“A Case for Feminist Self-Defence,” Thomas Nadelhoffer, The Philosophers’ Magazine 81) and I note the high bar: an ideal world.  And well, we all know, we’ll never live in an ideal world, so, I guess that justifies, excuses, explains … …

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A Great Twisty Faster post: “That can’t be sexual assault because it’s normal”

Thought I’d start reposting some of Twisty’s pieces (because, really, they need to be read again and again) (sigh).

Rape on campus…

“Rape on campus occurs with such alarming frequency that most colleges now incorporate sexual awareness training into their freshman orientation practices (apparently students not only must learn how to find their way around campus and how to use a library, but they must also learn how not to rape their classmates)” (Michael Kimmel, Guyland, p57-58). …

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Against the Rape Shield

[This was written quite a while ago, and I think I might add this: that “‘No’ means ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’ means ‘Anal’” is actually chanted out loud by men should be considered part of ‘circumstantial evidence’, describing as it does the circumstances under which rape occurs–i.e. our disgustingly sexist society…] Sexual assault, like many other …

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The Proverbial ‘Walking Alone in a Park at Night’

In a rape trial, that the woman was walking alone in a park at night has been considered relevant – presumably it’s a mitigating circumstance: the accused can be excused for thinking she wanted it if she was walking alone in a park at night. What!?  Why? Why is it that a woman walking alone …

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