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How to Write a Scientific Paper, Schulman – from the delightfully funny AIR

I’ve recently discovered the website of AIR – Annals of Improbable Research – a magazine which I subscribed to way back when. I’ve been working my way through the site and highly recommend same to others interested in a sort of ‘Monty Python does Science’ humour. Just read How to “Write a Scientific Paper” …

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Balls, by Jass Richards

Hilarious!  Check it out:

All White Male Panel Topics, Chris Hardie – from McSweeneys

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Men Who Go Fishing, Jass Richards

guest post –   Men Who Go Fishing Jass Richards (   I understand now why men like fishing. First, there’s the noise of the motor.  Men like noise.  They think they’re the ones making it.  So they think they sound like a lion or a bear.  They think they’re threatening.  Instead of just bloody …

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The Baroness Von Sketch Show – MUST SEE!!

Why Feminist Manuscripts Aren’t Getting Published Today – McSweeney’s List  

Women Now Empowered … GREAT ONION PIECE  

For your convenience, a sanitary receptacle is provided in this cubicle. You are requested …

So I was in a public washroom the other day and noticed this little sign:  “For your convenience, a sanitary receptacle is provided in this cubicle.  You are requested to co-operate and use it for the purpose intended.” “For your convenience.”  For our convenience?  Given that the alternative to the requested behaviour would result in …

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Deformed Freak Born Without Penis

The Onion writers are brilliant! Check it out!

Why aren’t women funny?

Well, they are, of course.  It’s just that many men don’t find them funny.  Which is why many stand-up clubs (those managed by men) (that is, almost all of them) actually have a rule: only so many stand-ups on any given night can be women.  Too many and they kill the night. But, of course, …

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