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Wendy Murphy on Equal Treatment vs Equal Rights

A Law of Her Own: The Reasonable Woman as a Measure of Man, Caroline A. Forell and Donna M. Matthews

Well worth the read.  Some quotes and notes … “Because law is based on male experience, it ‘understands’ men.  Thus, courts apply male values to conclude that sexual and sexist workplace conduct is merely annoying, that fear of a stalker is unjustified, and that sex against a woman’s will is seduction.” (p3) “Men’s physiology defines …

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(No title)

Recommended! A few quotes and notes: “… pregnancy as a proxy for punishment …” (p.x) But only for the women, even though the men are mostly responsible for causing the pregnancy (males have 100% control over ejaculation in a vagina; females have no control over whatsoever over ovulation and very seldom force a man to …

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Kim Stanley Robinson’s Ministry for the Future. A MUST READ.

The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson  should be required reading for everyone. In particular, for those with economic and political power (send a copy to the people of your choice!). “Easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism …” p25  And that’s the problem. “Looking into plans …

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I’m too drunk. No I’m not.

According to the Canadian Criminal Code, (self-induced) intoxication is no defence against charges of assault (33.1): if you’re drunk, you’re still able to form the general intent to commit said assault. And yet, with regard to the sub-category of sexual assault, belief that someone is consenting is cancelled if that someone is intoxicated (273.1(2)): if …

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The Provocation Defence – Condoning Testosterone Tantrums (and other masculinities)

According to the Canadian Criminal Code (and probably a lot of other criminal codes), murder can be reduced to manslaughter if the person was provoked.  Provocation is defined as “a wrongful act or an insult that is of such a nature as to be sufficient to deprive an ordinary person of the power of self-control …

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YAY Canada!

– we’re barely in the top quarter when it comes to the gender gap in wages (we’re fourth worst) – we’re barely in the top quarter when it comes to the gender gap in health (it’s safer to be pregnant in Estonia than in Canada) – speaking of which, we’re one of the last six …

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Canterbury’s Law

When the pilot episode of Canterbury’s Law aired, I was really annoyed.  The main character was an intelligent, powerful woman (a lawyer).  Good.  Who is shown obsessing over her appearance, albeit grudgingly, wondering whether the color of her suit brings out her eyes.  Within the first hour, we also see her going to her husband …

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Making misogyny a hate crime — It’s about time!

Take a look: “Police in England and Wales consider making misogyny a hate crime” It’s about time! Let’s see this WORLD-WIDE!!!

Against the Rape Shield

[This was written quite a while ago, and I think I might add this: that “‘No’ means ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’ means ‘Anal’” is actually chanted out loud by men should be considered part of ‘circumstantial evidence’, describing as it does the circumstances under which rape occurs–i.e. our disgustingly sexist society…] Sexual assault, like many other …

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