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Women delaying motherhood because the whole thing blows (The Onion)

A must-read.

from Three, Annemarie Monahan

two good bits from Three, Annemarie Monahan “How long did it take for you to realize that men as a class raped women as a class?” “‘Women are just as bad as men.’ As bad as men? Tell me, if women act the same as men, where are the bodies piled? Where are the masses …

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“Unbelievable” on Netflix

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! A feminism-informed examination of rape from point of view of police (female) and, to some extent, victims (as interviewed). Single series drama with eight episodes. Passes the Bechdel test (and more) with FLYING COLOURS!!!

Hearing from transmen about sexism

“From no longer having to worry about being attacked on my way home at night, to being taken seriously when I talk (just because everyone assumes I was born with a penis), life’s a breeze compared to when I was living as female.” Why are trans men always left out of the conversation? “It wasn’t …

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Life Imprisonment for Abortion – here in Canada!

I just found out that until I was 12, not only was abortion illegal here in Canada (that I knew), but the penalty was LIFE IMPRISONMENT. That I did NOT know. So recently!!

Reasons You were Not Promoted that are Totally Unrelated to Gender

Another brilliant piece at McSweeney’s: Reasons You wee Not Promoted that are Totally Unrelated to Gender

The difference between women and men

Can’t stop staring at the picture of Serena Williams and Andy Murray. It seems to sum of the difference between women and men.

Proposed Official Men’s Volleyball Uniform – Equality in Sport

Why won’t men shoot free throws like …

See article here at a great site for, of, men examining masculinity (it’s about time!).

on women having kids or not (from Joan Smith’s Different for Girls)

“If having children and grandchildren is so universally rewarding, why is it selfish to deny oneself the pleasure of parenting? If, on the other hand, bringing up children is an arduous task … why do [people] feel sorry for people who don’t do it”? (88) “… the real objection to women who decide not to …

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