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Reducing sexism: non-binary sex and sex-neutral language

That sex is binary makes sexism so easy. What if sex existed on a spectrum? But, you may reply, it doesn’t.  Contrary to so many transactivists, sex is a matter of biology, and you are either male or female; barring the exceptional, one has either XY chromosomes or XX chromosomes. True, but saying that sex …

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Transsexualism is a problem only because sexism is a problem

Transsexualism is a problem only because sexism is a problem.  (Transgenderism is no problem at all: females have been wearing pants and so on for ages, and there’s nothing preventing males from wearing dresses and so on.) If being female didn’t put people at greater risk of sexual assault from males, it wouldn’t matter whether …

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Sports Competition, Sports Scholarships

In my novel Gender Fraud: a fiction, several people discuss the negative effect of gender recognition legislation on women’s sports (in a nutshell, it allows men to compete in women’s events and often they win … sponsorships, scholarships …) and one person suggests that sports should be categorized not by sex but, instead, by directly …

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Opposition to the practice of sexual intercourse

“Interestingly, these two women, Swiney and Elmy, made clear their opposition to the practice of sexual intercourse. This practice has become so sacred that it is almost impossible to imagine any serious challenge being made to it. What we have seen in the last hundred years is the total and compulsory enforcement of that sexual …

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Top Guns

I just read about the 588th Night Bomber Regiment of the Soviet Air Force, consisting of pilots who “flew in stealth mode at night and dropped precision bombs on German targets.  The women pilots were all in their late teens and early twenties, and they flew about 30,000 missions between 1941 and 1945.”  (p89 Kristen …

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History, the News, Men, Women, Life, Death, Joy, Pain

History, many say, is nothing but violence, war, death … Yes, because men write it. If women wrote history, maybe we’d put something else center stage.  Maybe themselves. And maybe if all that violence didn’t make the front page, there’d be less of it. And if men became unimportant, then what they did would become …

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When men are raped

When men are raped, as they often are in prison, does anyone ask them are they sure they didn’t want it?  Does anyone come even close to suggesting they asked for it, they are to be blamed for it?  Is anyone quick to add ‘alleged’ to the report?

Educating Women to Reduce Over-population. Right. They’re the problem.

So the other day I came across, yet again, mention of the idea that educating women would reduce over-population. (Right. They’re the problem.)  I find that questionable. If education makes the difference, then why aren’t we educating the men as well?  And if the men are already educated, then clearly education isn’t the solution: they’re …

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from Jeffreys’ The Spinster and her Enemies

“As Dale Spender points out in Women of Ideas, women’s theory has been routinely dismissed and written out of history whereas men’s ideas have been called philosophy or politics.1 In no instance is this clearer than in the case of the feminist philosophy of sex that we will be looking at here. The contempt with …

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“Girls shouldn’t read any books written by men” – check it out