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More censorship re trans …

Check it out –   WordPress censors GenderTrender; Gallus Mag responds.

Solo Women’s Invisible Economic Expenses

It really hit home when my father gave me twenty bucks for a pizza, his treat.  As if I were a teenager.  Instead of a 50-year-old woman with a mortgage to pay, property taxes,  and monthly bills for oil, electricity, phone, internet, tv, house insurance, car insurance…  Amazing.  He was sitting in my living room …

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Balls, by Jass Richards

Hilarious!  Check it out:

All White Male Panel Topics, Chris Hardie – from McSweeneys

Check it out!

That said, I also hate women.

I hate the way they defer to men. I hate the way they expect a man to pay their way through life. I hate that they accept the privileged status that accompanies being married to a man. I hate that they sexualize themselves with make-up and clothing choices as a matter of routine. I hate …

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Do I hate men?

Yes, generally speaking, I do. I hate the way they take up more physical space than necessary, sprawling over the confines of their chairs, elbowing the people beside them. I hate the way they take up more conversational space, speaking slowly, repeating themselves, and making irrelevant comments that derail the discussion. I hate the way …

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I’m too drunk. No I’m not.

According to the Canadian Criminal Code, (self-induced) intoxication is no defence against charges of assault (33.1): if you’re drunk, you’re still able to form the general intent to commit said assault. And yet, with regard to the sub-category of sexual assault, belief that someone is consenting is cancelled if that someone is intoxicated (273.1(2)): if …

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Ugly, Fat, Hairy Feminists

The reason most feminists are ugly, fat, and hairy is that most feminists are old.  That is, over forty. And there are two good reasons for this.  The first is that most living feminists became feminists in the 70s when it was ‘in the air’ and, therefore, easier to be convinced that women are subordinated …

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