That said, I also hate women.

I hate the way they defer to men.

I hate the way they expect a man to pay their way through life.

I hate that they accept the privileged status that accompanies being married to a man.

I hate that they sexualize themselves with make-up and clothing choices as a matter of routine.

I hate that they pretend to enjoy sexual intercourse when they don’t.

I hate that they have children even when they don’t really want them.

(I like people.  People who have not accepted the straitjackets of gender.)





    • PIVSUX on September 5, 2019 at 12:59 am
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    This is an unpopular opinion, but I believe these types of women (who, let’s face it, are the majority of women) are in part responsible for men’s rapism. When nine out of ten women pretend to enjoy the agony that is a dick shoved in one’s internal organs, and spend the majority of their time trying to look “sexy” (ie hoping to reap benefits from leading men to believe they are gagging for the ‘pleasure’ of impalement and the potentially resulting fetal assault) it becomes second nature for men to believe that women feel what they feel during “sex”, and those that decry rape or refuse to be a dick -socket are just being meeeean for no reason. The absolute LIE that most lesbians use dildos serve the same purpose.

    I like to ask men how much they’d enjoy “sex” if “sex” involves a woman’s pinky finger ramming into their pisshole, or punching them in the nuts, if the woman derived orgasm from those acts, and her virility was enhanced by how much he screamed in agony (which she heard as “intense pleasure”) from this “sex”. What if the “sex” made him swell and vomit for 9 months and then go through even more pain evicting a human from his piss hole?

    What if his entire status in the eyes of society was his ability to push out this human, his degree of “sexiness” and servility that would make a woman want to “support” him as he cooked her food, cleaned her house, kissed her ass, looked good on her arm, propped up her ego, welcomed her rageful/ “lustful” impalements (because without that lust to hurt him to his exclamations of ‘ecstasy’, he’s worthless!)

    If every woman masturbated as a girl, learned what an orgasm was and how pain was the opposite of that sensation, and refused to worship dick, babies, and being a slave, the lie of PIV as anything other than torture would not exist.

  1. Yeah. Pity ‘having sex’ has been defined as ‘sexual intercourse’. But then we know how that happened, don’t we. (Men get to define — everything.)

    But as you say, women spending so much time trying to look ‘sexy’ doesn’t help matters.

    Love your second paragraph!! (Is it not SICK that men’s virility is defined by how much women are hurt???)

    And it’s scarey, when you even suggest that men think about this reversal, they just smile at you. THEY WILL NOT THINK ABOUT IT. As if to say OF COURSE men wouldn’t like that. And yet they believe we do.

    (And hey, welcome to this site!! )

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