Do I hate men?

Yes, generally speaking, I do.

I hate the way they take up more physical space than necessary, sprawling over the confines of their chairs, elbowing the people beside them.

I hate the way they take up more conversational space, speaking slowly, repeating themselves, and making irrelevant comments that derail the discussion.

I hate the way they lecture me as if I’m a child.

I hate the way they automatically assume they know more than me.  Even when they’re students in a class I’m teaching.

I hate the way they feel entitled to tell me what my problems are, to tell me whether I measure up to their standards, to tell me whether I please them or not.

I hate that they work less hard in school, obtain lower grades, and yet receive better job offers.

I hate that they get paid more for work of equal or lesser value.

I hate that they relentlessly sexualize women so we are reduced to nothing but our sex.

I hate that they sexually assault women.

I hate that they kill women who have been sexually assaulted.

I hate that they are entertained by images that humiliate and degrade women, and start watching such images as early as ten years of age.

I hate that they buy and sell girls for their sexual use.

I hate that they enjoy hunting and killing animals.

I hate their reluctance to engage in self analysis, to take responsibility for any of the above, to change any of the above.

I hate that they like the way things are.

So the question that should be asked is not do I hate men, but why do you not?



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