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“Clapping for your own erasure”

Great video. Watch to the end, as Irene Brit expresses the situation so … succinctly.    

Comedian Leo Kearse on Finnish Trans Figure Skater

I especially liked the newborn giraffe comment. (And of course the astute ‘equality’ argument and the point about who was ousted when he was chosen for inclusion, which to my mind, fully justifies the mockery.)

aurora linnea on Ekman’s “On the Meaning of Sex”

An excellent review of an excellent book here. And because a link isn’t anywhere near sufficient … “On the Meaning of Sex reads like a forensic dissection, its forty concise chapters taking apart the corpus of transgender ideology piece by piece. No fallacy-wrapped riddle of a paradox is spared the nick of Ekman’s scalpel as …

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Kathleen Stock, Material Girls – a few quotes and notes

“So: it follows from the logic of [Judith] Butler’s worldview [social constructionism] not only that there are not two naturally pre-given, stable biological sexes, but also that there are no pre-given facts about natural selection. There is no sexual reproduction. There are no pre-given chemical elements or biological species. There is no climate change, at …

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More censorship re trans …

Check it out –   WordPress censors GenderTrender; Gallus Mag responds.

In a late-breaking story, Caitlyn Jenner now says she’s black. 

In a late-breaking story, Caitlyn Jenner now says she’s black. “Deep down inside, I’ve always felt like a black,” she confessed, smiling at the cameras despite recent surgery that has left her lips overly puffy.  Her nose will be widened in a subsequent surgery, and she has already begun skin dye treatments.  “I can’t wait …

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The APA is so fucked up.

Why Are Some People Transgender? an APA pamphlet [1] asks. Their answer?  “Many experts believe that biological factors such as genetic influences and prenatal hormone levels, early experiences, and experiences later in adolescence or adulthood may all contribute to the development of transgender identities.” Um, no.  People are transgender because they are intelligent and thoughtful enough …

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Some excellent insights about gender identity by Sharon Thrace

“[Gender identity] holds that ‘feeling like a woman’ (whatever that means) is the same as being a woman.  It’s a callous disregard for our lifetime of oppression, the limits placed upon our participation in society, the ever-present threat of rape we face.  It’s an erasure of the quarter of our lives we spend managing bleeding …

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More insights about transgenderism, by Ruth Barrett

“Imagine … “If the vocal trans majority had not chosen to focus their energy on re-defining women in their image, and instead proudly claimed themselves to be gender non-conforming men … “If they had not insisted on erasing our biology or their own in order to validate their gender identity, and instead acknowledged themselves as …

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The Trouble with Trans

1. To the extent that a transsexual is someone who experiences body dysphoria, someone who feels they’re in the ‘wrong’ body, someone who feels their body is the ‘wrong’ sex — how do they know? What is it like to feel female (or male)? I was born female, and I don’t know.   So how can …

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