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Message to Amy Farrah Fowler: LEAVE HIM NOW.

(Thought I’d better post this one before the new season in case she DOES leave him!)   Is anyone else really really disturbed by Amy Farrah Fowler’s character on The Big Bang Theory?  She is so intelligent, has a Ph.D., is a neurobiologist, and yet she stays in a relationship with Sheldon Cooper, the most …

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The Little Birdies

So I’m out walking today, and as I pass a neighbour tending his bird feeder, I wave. And the guy calls out to me “I’m feeding some seed to the little birdies!” The little birdies?  What am I, twelve?  No, I’m female.  (I have a hard time believing that he would’ve said the same thing …

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Sex and So You Think You Can Dance

When So You Think You Can Dance first started, they had one winner. In season 9, they decided to have two winners: one male and one female. I thought it was because they realized the odds were stacked in favour of male dancers since most of the viewers/voters were female (and, presumably, heterosexual) (and, presumably, …

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Parents furious? Please. I’d be uncomfortable around any child who enjoyed pretending to kill–anything. Especially if that child was going to grow up to be a man, was going to be flooded with testosterone for several years. I’d also be uncomfortable around any adult who considered that behavior “a game”.    

Bare Breasts: Objections and Replies

[I wrote this piece back in the early 90s when Gwen Jacobs did her thing (yay, Gwen!), but apparently it all still needs to be said.  A couple years ago, I was ‘spoken to’ by a neighbour for taking my shirt off on a hot summer day when I was out kayaking.  Most amusingly, I …

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Every Man, Woman, and Child

There’s an interesting phrase.  Man, woman, and child: those are my options, are they?  Identifying oneself by one’s sex is a prerequisite for adulthood: if I don’t want to identify myself by my sex, as either a man or a woman, I’m left with identifying myself as a child.  How interesting. Actually, it explains a …

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Why aren’t more men insulted by the low standards we set for them?

If he changes a diaper, he’s father of the year. If he cooks something, anything, he’s a chef. If he marries, but otherwise continues to live pretty much as he has to that point, he’s suddenly respectable. If he continues to pay a child’s ball game into adulthood, he gets paid a six figure salary. …

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Barbie – great post at gendertrender

Great post here at gendertrender. Is it wrong for me to love most the line “If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have to walk on all fours”?  

On “lurking”

So I’m noticing that although there are a lot of registered users here, no one’s commenting.  And that’s cool.  I guess everyone’s just lurking.  Wait a minute.  LURKING??  Who the fuck came up with that name for sitting quietly at the edge of the room, just listening to what’s being said, deciding not to speak …

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King of the Castle

Octavia Butler got it right in Xenogenesis when the aliens identified one of our fatal flaws as that of being hierarchy-driven (they fixed us with a bit of genetic engineering) – but she failed to associate the flaw predominantly with males. And Steven Goldberg got it right in Why Men Rule when he explained that …

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