Why aren’t more men insulted by the low standards we set for them?

If he changes a diaper, he’s father of the year.

If he cooks something, anything, he’s a chef.

If he marries, but otherwise continues to live pretty much as he has to that point, he’s suddenly respectable.

If he continues to pay a child’s ball game into adulthood, he gets paid a six figure salary.

If he gets a B.A., he’s an expert in his field.

If he writes a book full of incoherence and grammatical mistakes, he gets (edited and then) published.


We don’t expect men to pick up after themselves.

We don’t expect them to be sensitive to other people’s emotions, or even be aware of  their own.

We don’t expect them to be aware of, let alone appreciative of, natural beauty.

We don’t expect them to be interested in children.

We don’t expect them to be in control of their sexual impulses or their aggressive impulses.


Additions welcome.


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