Message to Amy Farrah Fowler: LEAVE HIM NOW.

(Thought I’d better post this one before the new season in case she DOES leave him!)


Is anyone else really really disturbed by Amy Farrah Fowler’s character on The Big Bang Theory?  She is so intelligent, has a Ph.D., is a neurobiologist, and yet she stays in a relationship with Sheldon Cooper, the most infantile, the most arrogant, the most selfish person ever.  That in itself is boggling.  But – the relationship.  It’s not.  How low does her self-esteem have to be for her to think she can’t do better?

Maybe, though, she’s right.  Eliminate the 99% who aren’t as smart as her.  Of those, eliminate the ones who are already married.  Then eliminate the ones she’s not likely to ever meet.  Is there anyone left?

But wait.  Why does the guy have to be as smart as her?  How bad does the world have to be for it to be true that no man less intelligent than her will have the maturity to want her, to love her?  Maybe her choices really are Zack, Sheldon, or no one.

Well, given that – it’s a no-brainer, Amy!  A life lived alone is far, far better than a life intertwined with someone who ignores you, who belittles your interests (neurobiology is not nearly as important as theoretical physics), who belittles your achievements (remember the time she was published in a major journal?), who knows what you want (because you’ve come right out and told him) and still does not give it to you (romance, sex).

II’ve actually started fast-forwarding through the Sheldon-and-Amy scenes because they’ve become just too sickening to watch.  ‘Emotionally abusive’ is the phrase I’m looking for.  (And who is it who thinks that’s entertaining?)


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    • Rick Karter on January 14, 2021 at 10:00 pm
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    The simple reason is that it’s up to her

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