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I’m ashamed to be male.

I am ashamed to be male. We turn everything into a weapon. We are obsessed with competing, with being better than not our previous selves, but others. We enjoy hurting.  We tear the legs off flies, we put firecrackers into dogs’ mouths, we attach electrodes to people’s genitalia. We are unable to experience pleasure without …

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Why is it they can’t even SAY ‘rape’?

Why is it they can’t even SAY ‘rape’? Ya gotta wonder. And here’s an interesting answer:

The Male Privilege Checklist

Check it out. Thanks to Francois Tremblay.

from Dale Spender’s Nattering on the Net  — quotes and notes

According to 19th C feminist scholar Matilda Joslyn Gage, 9 million women were executed or burned for having knowledge—i.e., for being witches (p163) Wow.  Did not know it was that many.   “Had women ever  contributed to the design of roads and vehicles, there is no doubt that the entire system would look very different.  …

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Women’s Locker Room Talk

“One woman warning you about a creepy dude and a dozen other women chiming in with their own stories is our version of locker room talk.” Caitlin Kelly reposted from Says a lot, doesn’t it.  (And what’s men’s locker room talk about?)  

How many men are addicted to porn?

How many men are addicted to porn?  We don’t know.  There are no visible symptoms.  No, that’s not true.  The visible symptoms are what we call normal behaviour.

Proof of Sexism

Read this: Men have no idea how hard daily life is for women.  Women have no idea how hard daily life is for them either because they don’t know how easy it is for men.  Everyone should reverse for a week.  At least online.  If you’re male, use a female name; and if you’re female, …

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Did men invent this?

So I’ve been talking with my friend about the effect on the internet (and computers in general) of the overwhelming male influence (the high percentage of male ITers, coders, what have you) and simultaneously formatting the blog-comments sections of my forthcoming novel Gender Fraud: a fiction and I realize the ‘reply’ design (widgets?) for comments …

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Men are Not Broken by IceMountainFire

A must read:  

Excellent piece re PIV

Well worth the read.