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Yeah. Maybe clothes aren’t the problem.

Like night and day indeed.

2 women entrepreneurs who invented a fake male cofounder say acting through him was ‘like night and day’ “It was like night and day,” Dwyer told Titlow of working through Mann. “It would take me days to get a response, but Keith could not only get a response and a status update, but also be …

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“What would I be …”

“What would I be if I didn’t live in a world that hated women?”  Jessica Valenti, Sex Object

about trans’women’ competing in women’s sports

“One TIM actually tried to explain that as someone truly dysphoric, he’d NEVER want to be on a girl’s team. Beating them all and crushing them with ease would only underline his male body, not validate his feminine identity. Mr. Be Kind didn’t understand this and asked why he wouldn’t want to be on a …

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Language Matters

Compare ‘So he fucked her and now she’s knocked up’ with ‘So he made her pregnant and now they’re saying it’s his fault’.

from Rebecca Solnit’s Recollections

From Rebecca Solnit’s Recollections of my Non Existence “To be a young woman is to face your annihilation in innumerable ways ….” (p4) “I was often unaware of what and why I was resisting ….” (p4) Yes.  Let’s not understate the value of having words for what we experience.  The words ‘sexism’ and ‘misogyny’ didn’t …

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things we — women — wouldn’t have without feminism

https://medium.com/the-matriarchy/things-you-wouldnt-have-without-feminism-e743e694801e Sad to say, I’ll bet some will surprise you.

Rape: a men’s issue

Men are the ones who rape, so why is rape a women’s issue?  Because men see nothing wrong with rape. Men: the sooner you recognize this, the sooner you’ll see rape as a men’s issue.

Comedian Leo Kearse on Finnish Trans Figure Skater

I especially liked the newborn giraffe comment. (And of course the astute ‘equality’ argument and the point about who was ousted when he was chosen for inclusion, which to my mind, fully justifies the mockery.)

To the transwomen who insist they’re women …

If you believe sex isn’t binary, is a spectrum, why are you so insistent that you belong at the pole?  Why not just be a transwoman, someone between the poles of male and female, somewhere along the spectrum? Wouldn’t that make more sense? At the female end, we have people who are XX, who (still) …

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