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A tale of two athletes – thanks to ovarit

  reposted from ovarit Unfuckingbelievable.  Seriously.

The difference between women and men

Can’t stop staring at the picture of Serena Williams and Andy Murray. It seems to sum of the difference between women and men.

Why won’t men shoot free throws like …

See article here at a great site for, of, men examining masculinity (it’s about time!).

South Park on trans sports … Hilarious!


Sports Competition, Sports Scholarships

In my novel Gender Fraud: a fiction, several people discuss the negative effect of gender recognition legislation on women’s sports (in a nutshell, it allows men to compete in women’s events and often they win … sponsorships, scholarships …) and one person suggests that sports should be categorized not by sex but, instead, by directly …

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Football takes precedence over climate refugees

People are fleeing for their lives from North and South Carolina, but there may not be enough rooms in hotels because — football.  Apparently there’s a (male) game scheduled for play and (mostly male) people have come to watch. Clear evidence of the male obsession with competition having a stranglehold — wait, the hurricane itself …

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Men’s and Women’s Sports

One good thing about television stations’ mega-coverage of the Olympics is that women’s events are shown a lot.  Often within close temporal proximity to men’s events.  Comparison is inevitable.  And interesting. Consider volleyball.  Now the women, when they dive for the ball, they do this really neat shoulder roll: it’s smooth, efficient, and really cool …

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Snowmobiles Rule – Only in Canada.  Pity.

Snowmobilers are often presented as enjoying the natural beauty of the North.  Oh please.  Not at the speeds they drive.  Not while their exhaust pipes spew fumes into our air.  And their engines roar at a volume that must be endured by everyone within five miles.  And their tossed beer cans litter the forest until …

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Taking Tiddlywinks Seriously

Imagine a game of tiddlywinks being played by men. Imagine it televised.  And broadcast to the whole world on any one of over a dozen Tiddlywinks Channels. Imagine a play-by-play description of the proximity and angle of orientation each tiddlywink, relative to the pot; of the exact positioning of each man’s squidger, relative to each …

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Figure Skating: A Very Gendered Thing

Many call figure skating a sissy sport, a feminine thing.  To the contrary, and to my unrelenting irritation, it is a very gender-inclusive sport, a sport of both sexes, a sport where men must be men and women must be, well, girls. Consider the costumes.  The men usually wear ordinary long pants and a more …

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