August 2022 archive

“Unbelievable” on Netflix

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! A feminism-informed examination of rape from point of view of police (female) and, to some extent, victims (as interviewed). Single series drama with eight episodes. Passes the Bechdel test (and more) with FLYING COLOURS!!!

Hearing from transmen about sexism

“From no longer having to worry about being attacked on my way home at night, to being taken seriously when I talk (just because everyone assumes I was born with a penis), life’s a breeze compared to when I was living as female.” Why are trans men always left out of the conversation? “It wasn’t …

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Life Imprisonment for Abortion – here in Canada!

I just found out that until I was 12, not only was abortion illegal here in Canada (that I knew), but the penalty was LIFE IMPRISONMENT. That I did NOT know. So recently!!

A tale of two athletes – thanks to ovarit

  reposted from ovarit Unfuckingbelievable.  Seriously.

Male vs. Female re sexual offences

“Around 13,000 males are in prison for sexual offences compared to fewer than 150 females. “ (according to a post at about England and Wales) Says a lot, doesn’t it.

Smartphones and Pictograms: A Regression to the Primitive

Given the size of smartphones, one is reduced to using one or two digits to create a message (compared to the ability to use all ten digits when using a laptop/keyboard). That probably explains the increase in the use of pictograms: touching a happy face from a menu of emoticons is easier than inputting the …

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