February 2022 archive

Knowledge? Truth?

So I went to get my COVID booster vaccine the other day, and I asked one of the attendants whether she knew the science, any statistical data, regarding my likelihood of experiencing side-effects (I’d had a rough go of it after the second dose and wondered whether I’d be in for the same with the …

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On being wanted.

Also while reading James Morrow’s The Wine of Violence… ” … a world finally wanted his ideas.” (p119) That stopped me.  Because even academia, not just the world at large, had never wanted my ideas.  Simply because they come from a female-embodied person. Maybe that’s why ‘love’ is so much more important to women than …

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You fought for our freedom? Um, don’t think so.

So I clicked on one of the embedded videos on a Facebook page supporting the truckers’ protest, and this young guy rambled on and on about how he fought in Afghanistan for our freedom …  Um, don’t think so. I was free before you went to Afghanistan.  I had freedom of thought, freedom of expression, …

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about the truckers’ protest

If this is what (some) Canadians do when they have to wear a mask, imagine what’s going to happen when the consequences of global warming really start to hit us, when … they have to stand in line  not just for toilet paper, but for food – because, due to the increasing droughts, the loss of …

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Freedom’s just another word for

Freedom’s just another word for ‘I can do whatever I want.’ Mature people realize that freedoms should be limited.  (Because otherwise assault would always be okay.) Now.  Let’s talk about reasonable and unreasonable limitations.

The Rules of Misogyny

Check it out here. (#2 is inspired by incels and #3, #4, #6, #8, and #17 are inspired by transgenders, for those who remain oblivious of what’s going on in those fringe-to-mainstream movements; the rest are and have been forever the case…)

“Rape: leave it to men to …”

“Rape: leave it to men to turn the creation of life into a degradation.” from Jess (forthcoming), Peg Tittle

excerpts from MacKinnon’s Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws

I’ve just finished reading yet another MacKinnon book, Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws, and as usual, it’s absolutely brilliant. The book is well worth a complete read; I paste below some perfect gems. (My used copy is marked DISCARD by the Porter County Library system. In itself, telling. Sigh.) Reading this now.  It’s heavy-going, but well …

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