Knowledge? Truth?

So I went to get my COVID booster vaccine the other day, and I asked one of the attendants whether she knew the science, any statistical data, regarding my likelihood of experiencing side-effects (I’d had a rough go of it after the second dose and wondered whether I’d be in for the same with the third), and she simply replied “Oh, everyone’s different.”

Well, that certainly absolves one of the need, the responsibility, to actually learn anything about human biology, human chemistry, and psychology. We’re all unique little snowflakes, so you can’t really know anything about anyone … Hell, maybe you can’t really know anything about anything.

And then, one of the people who’d just received the vaccine said, helpfully, that he didn’t feel any side-effects.

Well, then. I guess I won’t either. Case closed. Seriously? I know, he was just trying to reassure me. But I was clearly asking for information. Apparently reassurance trumps actual knowledge. I’m reminded of the movie Don’t Look Up.

I wanted the facts. I asked for the facts. Not for what you believe or hope or want to be the case. Can no one handle the truth these days?


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