about the truckers’ protest

If this is what (some) Canadians do when they have to wear a mask, imagine what’s going to happen when the consequences of global warming really start to hit us, when …

  • they have to stand in line  not just for toilet paper, but for food – because, due to the increasing droughts, the loss of topsoil, and the lack of fresh water, too many links in the food supply chain have become broken
  • they have to deal with power outages that last weeks rather than days – because the storms have become too frequent and too strong for the electricity companies to keep up with
  • they have suddenly become homeless – because of forest fires and the inability of the re/construction industry to keep up
  • they have suddenly become unemployed – because CEOs didn’t believe the sea level would rise and so didn’t relocate their businesses when they could

Speaking of which, have any of the truckers calculated how much their protest is going to increase carbon emissions?  Do any of them care?  Probably not.  They refuse to look past the tips of their own noses.  They probably don’t even see that the right to go back and forth from country to country without a mask equals the right to infect other people.    (And some of them call themselves Christian.)


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