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Do I hate men?

Yes, generally speaking, I do. I hate the way they take up more physical space than necessary, sprawling over the confines of their chairs, elbowing the people beside them. I hate the way they take up more conversational space, speaking slowly, repeating themselves, and making irrelevant comments that derail the discussion. I hate the way …

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“The Adult Market”

What’s adult about forcing someone to do something she doesn’t really want to do? What’s adult about doing sexual things to children? What’s adult about humiliating another person? What’s adult about hurting another person?   We should call it what it is.  The psychopathic sociopathic misogynist market.  The sick fucks market.     (I’d intended …

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The Grammar of Male Violence – quick perception-changing read

Read this (takes a couple minutes) and your perceptions will be forever changed:    

Responding to Wolf-Whistles

Many men will wolf-whistle at any woman.* So it’s not a special insult toward the woman in question (yes, men, wolf-whistles are insulting when they occur in everyday contexts—because they emphasize our sexuality when we’re trying to be seen for our personhood and our various competencies; it thus reduces us to sexual objects) (a wolf-whistle …

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The Waiting-for-the-Elevator Thing

So I’m sure this has happened at least once to every woman.  You’re standing in front of an elevator, waiting for it, and a man comes up and presses the button. Oh is that what that’s for?  I saw the button, with an upward-pointing arrow, and I understand that elevators go up, but you know, …

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The “M” word on Prime Time TV!!!! (Misogyny; Scandal)

I’m delightfully surprised by the current season of Scandal.  I had trouble getting into the show, and actually, I’m surprised I’m still with it; catching a glimpse of a political debate between two women and  Melly’s bid for the presidency kept me involved, even though I don’t really like her, or Olivia … And this …

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How Being in Public Feels: Men VS Women – GREAT VIDEO!

To all the men who

To all the men who let their mothers and wives do all the dusting, vacuuming, kitchen wiping, and bathroom scrubbing; to all the men who throw their garbage  out of their cars and boats and ATVs and snowmobiles; and to all the men who ‘externalize’ the waste/disposal costs involved in doing (their) business — because …

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A Great Twisty Faster post: “That can’t be sexual assault because it’s normal”

Thought I’d start reposting some of Twisty’s pieces (because, really, they need to be read again and again) (sigh).

Men against Abortion

Is that why men are against abortion?  Because women are, might be, killing men?  Male fetuses?  If the fetus was known to be female, they wouldn’t have a problem with it?