How to Write a Scientific Paper, Schulman – from the delightfully funny AIR

I’ve recently discovered the website of AIR – Annals of Improbable Research – a magazine which I subscribed to way back when. I’ve been working my way through the site and highly recommend same to others interested in a sort of ‘Monty Python does Science’ humour.

Just read How to “Write a Scientific Paper”

Also recommend “Does a Cat Always Land on its Feet”.

And this one:

Couldn’t find one “The Aerodynamics of Potato Chips” (I’ve actually still got a list of favourite giggle-inducing titles on my wall from way back when …), but it’s also a good one.

Enjoy the site!
(And you can still subscribe to the journal and/or the mini-Air newsletter in addition to surfing their site!)
(They’ve also got a podcast now …)
(And a book: This is Improbable Too: Synchronized Cows, Speedy Brain Extractors, and More WTF Research–gotta love the title)
(And of course, the annual IgNobel Prize …)


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