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“For All Mankind” (an apple tv series)- absolutely appalling

I know.  Given the title, I never should have bothered.  And I certainly shouldn’t’ve expected, let alone hoped, for anything remotely alternative (the series is billed as ‘alternative history’).  Alternative to the male dominance, the white male dominance, the relentlessly juvenile competition and all the rest of disgusting masculinity (when the Soviets landed on the …

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Reasons You were Not Promoted that are Totally Unrelated to Gender

Another brilliant piece at McSweeney’s: Reasons You wee Not Promoted that are Totally Unrelated to Gender

The Evil of Touchpads: Menus

I recently rented a cottage on the Bruce Peninsula and found myself infuriated by the tiny device to control the smart tv: to search for a specific movie in Netflix, you had to swipe across and across and across, back and forth, to move the cursor along the alphabet arranged in a long 26-characterer single …

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The difference between women and men

Can’t stop staring at the picture of Serena Williams and Andy Murray. It seems to sum of the difference between women and men.   https://nypost.com/2021/07/10/trans-women-athletes-have-unfair-advantage-over-those-born-female/

Proposed Official Men’s Volleyball Uniform – Equality in Sport