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Educating Women to Reduce Over-population. Right. They’re the problem.

So the other day I came across, yet again, mention of the idea that educating women would reduce over-population. (Right. They’re the problem.)  I find that questionable. If education makes the difference, then why aren’t we educating the men as well?  And if the men are already educated, then clearly education isn’t the solution: they’re …

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Business, Responsibility, and the Environment

The following is the introduction to Chapter 10, Business and the Environment, of my business ethics text, Ethical Issues in Business 2e, Peg Tittle (Broadview Press, 2016). I post it here, motivated by the recent astounding meltdown of the Greenland ice sheet, and the reports that the Alaska glaciers are melting 100 times faster than …

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from Jeffreys’ The Spinster and her Enemies

“As Dale Spender points out in Women of Ideas, women’s theory has been routinely dismissed and written out of history whereas men’s ideas have been called philosophy or politics.1 In no instance is this clearer than in the case of the feminist philosophy of sex that we will be looking at here. The contempt with …

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“Girls shouldn’t read any books written by men” – check it out