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Paying Stay-at-Home Moms

Every now and then, we hear the proposal that women be paid to stay at home and be moms.  That women are paid to be surrogate mothers suggests that regular mothers also deserve payment.  So.  Should we pay regular mothers the same as surrogate mothers? For starters, who is this ‘we’?  Surrogate mothers are paid …

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Opinions, Judges, and Juries

Why is it that a prerequisite for being a jury member is that you have no opinion about the case—in particular or in general.  Those “who may have strong prejudices about the … issues involved in the case, typically will be excused” (uscourts.gov/FederalCourts/JuryService).  Only airheads need apply. I don’t believe there are such prerequisites for …

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The Other Sex

Men, I mean.  After all, they are the ones who define themselves in relation to us: to be a man is to be whatever is not to be a woman. If women are graceful, then to be graceful is feminine.  A graceful man is effeminate.   A real man is not graceful.  He’s not necessarily clumsy, …

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So you want to be a Nurselady

And even though you don’t know any other guys who want to be nurseladies, you persist.  Because quite simply, you think you’ll like nursing, as a career, a job, an endeavour.  So you take your high school maths and sciences, you do quite well, and you get accepted into nursing school. Where almost all the …

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Private Property and Visual Intrusion

There should be regulations about what people can put on their private property that will be in view of their neighbours.  Even more than in public spaces, visual material on private property is not easily avoided.  If you put a swastika or a pornographic image on your garage door, and that door is right across …

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“In an ideal world, men would not be sexual offenders.”

So I’m reading “Obviously, in an ideal world, men would not be sexual offenders … ” (“A Case for Feminist Self-Defence,” Thomas Nadelhoffer, The Philosophers’ Magazine 81) and I note the high bar: an ideal world.  And well, we all know, we’ll never live in an ideal world, so, I guess that justifies, excuses, explains … …

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Here Comes the Bride, by Chris Wind – CHECK IT OUT!!

Check out Chris Wind’s audio collage, “Here Comes the Bride”! Some other really good pieces on the same album!!