Child Support Insurance – What an Intriguing Idea!!

“For guys who inexplicably want to do the thing that makes babies without wanting to support the inevitable babies, the obvious solution would be child support insurance — 0 to 18 plus college and professional school to say, age 30. They would have to sit down with their insurance agent and describe their sex lives in detail so that an appropriate premium could be calculated. Women could ask to see guys’ proof of insurance just as if they were Highway Patrol. In case of pregnancy women would receive regular monthly checks, without having to see chumpass motherfucker again.  Letting his insurance company support his child would likely raise a guy’s rates into the stratosphere, however, making future intercourse prohibitively expensive.”

Hector B. May 31, 2010  I Blame the Patriarchy



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    In theory, such insurance could be workable if the risk of fraud is sufficiently low and if the risk of an unplanned pregnancy ever occurring is sufficiently low. Let’s say that a man gets a bilateral epididymectomy combined with a radical scrotal vasectomy and three successful/negative semen analyses. In such cases, the risk of him ever impregnating a woman as a result of sexual intercourse should be near-zero, albeit not quite zero. A voluntary reversal of this sterilization procedure is quite literally impossible. The only risk of fraud would be if this man stored sperm at some sperm bank and then proceeded to impregnate some woman with it, but AFAIK he wouldn’t be on the hook for child support in any case in such a scenario since sperm donors generally aren’t. Unless of course he would do this as a favor to this woman.

    Is there any realistic way that the risk of fraud for such insurance can be reduced to extremely low levels?

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