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One way to deal with it (sexism) (in science this time)

“When I go to a venture-capital group of only men,” Nacy said, “I do most of the speaking, and my chief business officer and I watch faces. If they’re incredulous about something I’ve said, he’ll repeat the same thing—and then it’ll be just fine.” Read the whole article here.

Women’s Work, Kari Aguila

An interesting novel, worth the read! “Think about how different our world is going to be when this generation of boys grows up, having been allowed to grow into whole, good, decent men. Nobody is going to tell them that they have to go through life being some stupid caricature of masculinity anymore. They can …

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“A disagreeable reality …” – aurora linnea

“A disagreeable reality of the patriarchal society in which we live is that, lacking a proactive effort to overturn male supremacy, when men and women come together in groups, the men rise to power. They take over, and what was supposed to be shared territory becomes just one more zone of patriarchy. This is because …

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Homophobia – great quote

“Homophobia is not actually straight men being afraid of gay men. It’s straight men afraid of any man treating them like they treat a woman.” quoted in Manifest: Transitional Wisdom on Male Privilege as a viral cartoon

Well-put, Charlotte Knowles

“Women need to recognize that their husband refusing to do any childcare, cleaning, or cooking is not just a result of ‘cultural differences’, it’s a result of him being an arsehole.” “Living the Life of the Mind: General Strike? What About a Gendered Strike!?” Charlotte Knowles, The Philosophers’ Magazine 98 (2022)

How to Negotiate a Raise (if you’re a woman)

Brilliant piece at McSweeney’s: How to Negotiate a Raise (if you’re a woman)

“And I’ve had enough.” Speech by Sarah Field

“If you cannot define women, then you cannot defend them.” “Its purpose [meeting of Leeds City Council] was not to tell Trans people what is best for them, but to tell politicians and lawmakers what is best for women.” “And I’ve had enough.” “So to be clear: men in this city can access a woman’s changing facility, …

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MacKinnon on free speech – so very astute

“The free speech of men silences the free speech of women.” from Feminism Unmodified (1987)

The Brilliant Monty Python on trans …

    And to think they said all this over 40 years ago. Yup. 1979.

10 Contradictions of Gender Ideology

repost from Dead Wild Roses James Esses :10 Contradictions of Gender Ideology