“Fixed” – recommended for men

I almost stopped watching this movie because ‘men are selfish stupid dicks’ is so very tiresome, but the women at the dinner scene (about 20 minutes in) made me keep watching.

Even so, men.  I can’t believe how clueless they are.  Do they really not know the difference between a vasectomy and castration?  Do they really think it’s their orgasm that causes pregnancy and not the presence of even the tiniest bit of seminal fluid?  Do they really not know that childbirth causes severe, often permanent, injury?  Do they think women’s screams are just … hysterical?  Exaggeration?  (I swear, every thirteen-year-old should have to watch a film of childbirth.  ‘Oh but that’ll ruin sex for me; every time I even think of having sex, I’ll think of that.’  Duh.)

So.  Recommended viewing for men.  (Free on Plex.)


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