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The Corporation – Joel Bakan

Well worth the read! (A surprising, but not, answer to what the fuck is wrong with our world? How have we gotten to the point of no return?)


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from David Brin’s “Detritus Affected”

“Physicians swear a Hippocratic Oath whose central vow is ‘do no harm’. I wonder–how many other professions might do well to set that goal above all others?” Excellent question. “Look, see this broken plastic wheel? Part of a cheap toy, circa 1970. Giveaway prize in some fast food outlet’s promotional kiddie meal. Seventy grams of …

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Capernaum (movie) currently on – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED It will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Gwynne Dyer (along with half the species) misses an obvious point

I highly recommend Gwynne Dyer’s Climate Wars, but I must say he misses an obvious point, especially evident when he says “There are almost seven billion of us, and it is almost impossible to imagine a way that we can stop the growth before there are eight and a half billion” (p.268) — because it’s …

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Opinions, Judges, and Juries

Why is it that a prerequisite for being a jury member is that you have no opinion about the case—in particular or in general.  Those “who may have strong prejudices about the … issues involved in the case, typically will be excused” (  Only airheads need apply. I don’t believe there are such prerequisites for …

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Oh the horror

On yet another occasion during which I was stunned by one of my neighbour’s stupidity and ignorance, it suddenly occurred to me that the person I was speaking with probably hadn’t read a book since high school. (Yes, it then occurred to me that s/he probably hadn’t read a book during high school either.) Then …

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Why is honesty rude?

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.   What?  Why is honesty rude? What kind of society considers honesty, truth, to be less important than—what?  Social cohesion? And that assumes that people will be offended by the truth.  If the truth is about them, I suppose that’s an accurate assumption.  But what …

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The Dialogue – by chris wind

The Dialogue, by Chris Wind (from Deare Sister)   Lasthenia, your beard is slipping. Why thank you. Did you get the mathematics done? No. And I tried so hard, Axio, after you left last night. I worked at it for another two hours. It’s just not clear at all. Can you help me again tonight? …

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What’s Wrong with Power (a few preliminary thoughts)

The thing about power (power over others, that is, not power over oneself) is that it can interfere with the other’s freedom of choice.  But it does so only if they use that power, you may wish to clarify.  So people should simply not use their power over others; they should not even show they …

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