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Wendy Grossman on AI and ChatGPT

“What we currently call ‘AI’ is basically data and statistics.  In providing a response, for example, ChatGPT looks for statistical correlations between the data in its corpus and the prompt you have written.  Its answer doesn’t focus on what’s statistically likely to be true, but on using words that are statistically likely to appear near …

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Says it all.

another good bit from Tim Dorsey

“I can buy a shotgun any time of day without a serious background check, but if I need something for my sniffles, it’s six forms of ID and complete school transcripts.”  Shark Skin Suite, p160

Date Preparation in a Male Supremacy

“Men worry that their date won’t measure up to their aesthetic preferences.  Women worry that they’re going to wind up dead.” Read the rest here:

Rereading Refusing to be a Man: essays on sex and justice, John Stoltenberg

Read this years ago, but thought I’d read it again as I hadn’t been able to afford to actually buy it back then … Talking about how men typically behave, he says they “[disregard] completely the reality of anyone who is not fawning and flattering and full of awe for our masculine prerogative …” (p24). …

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Yeah. Maybe clothes aren’t the problem.

Language Matters

Compare ‘So he fucked her and now she’s knocked up’ with ‘So he made her pregnant and now they’re saying it’s his fault’.

Rape: a men’s issue

Men are the ones who rape, so why is rape a women’s issue?  Because men see nothing wrong with rape. Men: the sooner you recognize this, the sooner you’ll see rape as a men’s issue.



God’s To-Do List