February 2018 archive

On the Radfem Doctrine of Separatism

Here’s the thing.  Men are already separatists.  (So really we have no choice.) Men already exclude women from anything, everything, important.  (Any inclusion is tokenism: a false symbol, a PR move.) Men already refuse to get involved with ‘women’s issues’, whether personal or political.  That feminism itself is considered a special interest thing indicates that.  …

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Men and Words (?)

As a result of a recent exchange on a blog in which I felt insulted enough by the patronizing tone taken by the moderator that I decided not to participate any further, while another commenter (a male) responded with a mere “LOL”, I asked yet another commenter (also a male) about why he thought our …

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The So-called “Adult Market”

What’s adult about forcing someone to do something she doesn’t really want to do? What’s adult about doing sexual things to children? What’s adult about humiliating another person? What’s adult about hurting another person?   We should call it what it is.  The psychopathic sociopathic misogynist market.  The sick fucks market.   (I’d intended to …

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