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[Note: this piece was written a while ago; hence the low figures!] For those who think it’s no longer a patriarchal world and women are treated the same as men – you’re wrong. And I am so tired, so very tired of my sex getting in the way of my life, making every little thing …

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Making misogyny a hate crime — It’s about time!

Take a look: “Police in England and Wales consider making misogyny a hate crime” It’s about time! Let’s see this WORLD-WIDE!!!

To My Philosophy Professors – by chris wind

Another poem from chris wind – thought this one especially apt since it’s September and students are back at university…it’s from her book dreaming of kaleidoscopes   To My Philosophy Professors   Why didn’t you tell me? When I was all set to achieve Eudamonia through the exercise of Right Reason, When I was eager …

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