Surely, A Metaphor (for what’s happening to our planet)

Weather websites are issuing air quality alerts because of the smoke coming from forest fires in the northeast, and yet people in cottage country just a few hours north of Toronto have smokepits going all day, presumably so they won’t be bothered by mosquitoes.

Never mind that said smokepits fill the whole neighbourhood with toxic smoke, worse by far than that coming from the forementioned forest fires.

Never mind that there are non-toxic (and non-trespassive) alternatives like zapper racquets and protective clothing.

A confrontation with a neighbour about this ended in a not-quite death threat: it took less than sixty seconds for the man to go from “Mind your own business!” (I am: when your smoke crosses over onto my property, it becomes my business.) to “Fuck off, bitch! Why don’t you smash your head with rocks, then jump in the lake and drown?!”  (Seriously.  That’s what he said.  He was practically foaming at the mouth.)

Canada hasn’t met any of the emissions targets it’s set.  Not one.  (No surprise.  Given Mr. Mind-your-own-business. Who apparently has no understanding of, and/or no interest in, cause and effect.)

So, like South Koreans, who also live with unbreathable air, due to China, I’ll be getting some smoke masks and nose filters.  Sigh.



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