Internet access inequality

Sent this letter to Rogers, don’t expect a reply, but thought it worth posting here .as well ..


Hello Rogers:

I have just discovered your Internet 25 plan whereby people can get 450GB/month for a mere $70.  I live three hours north of Toronto; the only plan available to me is 7GB/month for pretty much the same $70 ($60, actually).  I pay $20 for every additional 10GB, which is to say I’d pay almost $1000 for the same 450GB.  Not only that, my 7GB comes at a snail’s pace of 0.1-2.4mbps, compared to, probably, something closer to 50mbps.

I understand the difference in speed; I access through space, not fibre.  And I understand that due to the low population density where I live, fibre’s not gonna happen.  (Pity you can’t piggyback on the electrical or phone lines that already exist.)

What I don’t understand is the difference in GBage.  It doesn’t cost you any more whether I get/use 7GB or 100GB, does it?  The tower is the same; you don’t pay for more air for the GB to travel through.

So, could you please explain the rationale for this gross inequality of service?



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