Inferior, Angela Saini

Just a few quotes and notes –

“… the perennial problem of childcare, which lifts women out of their jobs at precisely the moment that their male colleagues are putting in more hours and being promoted” (p6)—yeah, to avoid childcare

“It was also thought that merely having women around might disrupt the serious intellectual work of men.” (p10 —probably true, but that’s their fault (can’t handle distractions) (and, before that, that they find women they find sexually attractive to BE a distraction) (or women they don’t find sexually attractive to be a distraction, b/c wtf are they doing here?!) and, so, their responsibility

and if you don’t know about Lise Meitner and Rosalind Franklin and Jocelyn Bell Burnell (how men kept the Nobel Prize from them)

re how male peacocks evolved bright, fancy plumage to attract hens, and lions evolved glorious manes … “For humans, the logic goes, this vigorous competition for women means that men have had to be warriors and thinkers” (p19)—why not beauty queens?  (THAT would be a logical conclusion)

re selective abortion and infanticide in India, “Women are wanted as wives and girlfriends, but not as daughters” (p41)—where do they think the wives and girlfriends come from?

the whole ‘men are bigger’ thing (p42)—yes, they are on average six inches taller, but our chest measurements are typically bigger, our hip measurements are typically bigger, and our thigh measurements are typically bigger (sometimes even our waist and calf measurements)

“In pharmacology, the study of medical drugs, the articles reporting only on males outnumbered those reporting only on females by five to one.” (p57)—good to keep in mind

re one of the reasons not to include women is that “A woman’s fluctuating hormone levels might … affect how she responds to a drug.” (p58)—wouldn’t that be a reason to include them?  don’t we need to KNOW how our hormone levels affect our response to drugs???

re babies who stare at faces longer (female babies, it’s said) were deemed to be more socially inclined (p70)—maybe it wasn’t that they LIKED faces more (than mechanical stuff), maybe they were CONFUSED by them and so stared at them longer, trying to understand them

re males better for analyzing and building systems (p69) than females b/c “males tend to think narrowly while females think broadly” (p72)—wouldn’t that make females BETTER for designing systems?  (b/c they can see the big picture?)

as for chap7, “Why Do Men Dominate?” — because they’re naturally bullies (i.e., ethically-challenged)


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