Bragging about being beaten

A while ago, I saw a post by a woman bragging about her bruises … (should’ve saved the link, but I was just so … appalled …) In 1976, Women Against Violence Against women (WAVAW) protested and got the Stones’ billboard taken down (it showed a woman bound and bruised saying ‘I’m ‘”Black and Blue” from The Rolling Stones—and I love it!’  In 1978, feminists protested the June issue of Huster that had on the cover a naked woman being shoved head first into a meat grinder, and extruded at the other end as raw hamburger 9it was called the ‘all-meat’ issue).  We fought against men beating up women and how you’re saying you like being beaten?  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Have you no brain? And to all of you wanna-be porn stars, have you not read Linda Marchiano’s autobiography? Share

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