An addendum to Ghodsee’s Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism

Apparently many men fear that socialism will encourage parasites—people who won’t work because, due to socialism, everything they need will be paid for anyway.  Hm.  I suspect they’re thinking of people like themselves.  Men would rather be unemployed than accept a job that’s beneath them.  That is, jobs they consider fit only for immigrants or women.  They’re the welfare bums.

Show me women who are freeloaders.  Welfare moms?  Explain to me how a woman can work if she has a child under six years old to look after.  She’s supposed to leave it unattended for eight hours?  She’s supposed to pay $10-$20/hour for daycare on a $10-$20/hour job?  There would be nothing left for things like, I don’t know, food, clothing, and rent.  Well, I hear some guy say, she shouldnt’ve gotten pregnant in the first place.  No, YOU shouldn’t’ve fucked her.  In the first place.







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